Domased Electronica remix for DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge EP released on BC2

DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge [BC2379 | BC2]

(Release date: August, 27, 2021)

1. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Original Mix)
2. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Domased Electronica Remix)
3. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Reyul Mather Remix)
4. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Rod V Remix)
5. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Menkee Remix)
6. DJ Paul(AR) – The Desert Lounge (Ias Ferndale Remix)

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Domased Electronica remix for Kay-D – Route266 EP released on Deepersense Music

DPM055_200rKay-D – Route266 EP [DPM055 | DEEPERSENSE MUSIC]

(Release date: December, 21, 2020)

Kay-D – Route266 (incl. Original Mix / CJ Art Remix / Domased Electronica Remix) is out now on Beatport Exclusive! ? ?
We close the year 2020 with Kay-D ‘s “Route266” full release, which is one before the last of releases related to our highly acclaimed “Mesmeric” compilation. Kay-D also known as Krisztian Kajdi is Hungary based music producer responsible for countless EP’s on a wide range of respected music labels. To say Krisztian is an experienced music producer is an understatement. He’s a progressive veteran releasing his sounds since more thana decade and getting support from the biggest names on the scene. Kay-D’s compositions can be easily recognized from the typical melodic, atmospheric style – it is no different in the case of this fantastic tune. You may have heard the original version of “Route266” on the “Mesmeric” mix, and now we want to provide you with an additional remix pack. On the remix duty we have two more progressive veterans: CJ Art / Artelized and
Domased Electronica.
The man hidden behind the Domased Electronica is Ladislav Zajíc – super talented electronic music producer from Slovakia. We were admiring Ladislav’s music works for many, many years, so we gladly welcome him in Deepersense Music’s artists family.
To complete the release, the second version was prepared by label’s head-honcho Artur Fabiański aka CJ Art. Enjoy the deep and hypnotic, yet atmospheric ride.
By the way, Deepersense Music team wishes you all the best for the upcoming new year, may it be better than the previous one! ?
More about artists involved:
More about Deepersense Music:

1. Kay-D – Route266 (Original Mix)
2. Kay-D – Route266 (CJ Art Remix)
3. Kay-D – Route266 (Domased Electronica Remix)

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Domased Electronica remix for Armat – Hov Areq, Gulo EP released on Kitchen Recordings

KTN088Armat – Hov Areq, Gulo EP [KTN088 | KITCHEN RECORDINGS]

(Release date: July, 24, 2020)

We proudly announce our next release, coming out on July 24th, by Armenian fresh duo called ARMAT ??, which is running under our Kitchen lab. management.

ARMAT is a very new type of “peppers” in music industry! They make tracks in their original recipes, using Armenian old songs and adding some traditional spices, so music turns out tasty and appetizing. They’re delivering two original tracks with three remixes, but let us tell about each track separate.
“Hov Areq” is a lyrical song in which a young man implores the mountains to send a breeze to rid him of his woes. It is a deeply moving song in which the delicate melodic line encompasses a wide range of expression. The song was composed by Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, and choirmaster Komitas , who is considered the founder of Armenian national school of music.
ARMAT made a remake of this song in collaboration with Miqayel Voskanyan ?? – an Armenian tar prodigy, musician, composer, songwriter, and producer known for pushing the boundaries of traditional Armenian music, and winner of “The Voice Armenia 2013”, finalist of “The Voice Australia 2020” – Masha Mnjoyan ??.
Here we have two remixes – one from Slovakian artist Domased Electronica ?? with more deep mood in it and a groovy one from our label bosses Supacooks ??, which is surely pretending to smash the dancefloors.

The second original track of this release called “Gulo” – a song about a beautiful Armenian girl from Moush, composed more than a century ago by Komitas. “Gulo” is a result of ARMAT ’s collaboration with Armenian famous duduk player, winner of different awards Kamo Seyranyan  ??, and his singer daughter Seda Seyranyan  ??.
We have an awesome remix here by Mode Apart from Helsinki ??, whose passion to Armenian duduk and ethnic melodies is already known from his previous tracks.
So enjoy this huge pack of nice music and stay tuned for more…
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Promo text taken from Kitchen Recordings facebook page.

1. Armat Feat. Miqayel Voskanyan & Masha Mnjoyan – Hov Areq (Original Mix)
2. Armat Feat. Miqayel Voskanyan & Masha Mnjoyan – Hov Areq (Domased Electronica Remix)
3. Armat Feat. Miqayel Voskanyan & Masha Mnjoyan – Hov Areq (Supacooks Remix)
4. Armat Feat. Kamo Seyranyan & Seda Seyranyan – Gulo (Original Mix)
5. Armat Feat. Kamo Seyranyan & Seda Seyranyan – Gulo (Mode Apart Remix)

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