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Dark RamaraDomased Electronica – Dark Ramara [D9R059| Droid9 Recordings]

(Release date: December 31st, 2019)

1. Dark Ramara (Original Mix)
2. Dark Ramara (Dub Mix)


Droid9 caps off a successful year by welcoming Domased Electronica to the label with ‘Dark Ramara’. The Slovakian artist has been part of the progressive house underground for over a decade. A long standing relationship with Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music has been fruitful, yielding a total of 30 releases. Also finding a regular home on LuPS Records, the Bratislava resident now lands on Droid9 with a new single to cap off 2019.

Loved for his mystical sounding creations, Domased Electronica delivers a groovy, cross cultural gem with ‘Dark Ramara’. It’s bouncy, percussive groove is tough yet fluid, serving as the perfect foundation for a soulful lead motif. Sparsely placed across the first act it sets a meditative mood before the framework eventually strips down into the break. Here a vocal narrative takes centre stage, youthful and positive, it glows sitting atop exotic drums and hopeful instrumentation, before smoothly seguing into an even groovier final act. For the less vocally included there is also a dub included which rounds out the release quite nicely. It makes for a powerful Droid9 debut for Domased Electronica and concludes a great year for the label who continue to be one of the most reliable progressive house imprints of the moment. Highly recommended.


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Domased Electronica – Dark Ramara released on Droid9 Recordings

Dark RamaraDomased Electronica – Dark Ramara [D9R059| Droid9 Recordings]

(Release date: December 31st, 2019)

1. Dark Ramara (Original Mix)
2. Dark Ramara (Dub Mix)

Finalizing 2019, we are excited to bring veteran Slovakian artist, Ladislav Zajic aka Domased Electronica to close out the year with a spectacular 2 track EP, “Dark Ramara”. This tribal ethnic release features an original mix along with an amazing dub mix!

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Simply City and Subandrio remixed Lost In Kharan

Track Lost In Kharan is out now. Big artists Simply City and Subandrio supported this track with their remixes. Both remixes are huge and bring us unique interpretations which perfectly completes original version. Once again Big “Thank You” to both artists for huge remixes and support!

Simply City made an interview for online music magazine “When We Dip“, where he also talks about Lost In Kharan remix.

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Best Domased Electronica’s tracks appear on Mistiquemusic’s Damage Control Vol.6

Album with best Domased Electronica’ tracks was released on Mistiquemusic’s  Damage Control Vol.6.

Release Date: 2017-03-27
Label: Mistique Music
Catalog #: MIST642




01. Domased Electronica – Aesthetic Experience 09:13
02. Domased Electronica – Ararat 08:07
03. Domased Electronica – G.F.M. 07:35
04. Domased Electronica – Ganga 08:35
05. Domased Electronica – Mars 08:36
06. Domased Electronica – Mermaid 08:30
07. Domased Electronica – Temple Of Art 08:26
08. Domased Electronica – Venus 08:45
09. Domased Electronica – Venus And Mars 08:52
10. Domased Electronica – Dark & Light (Feat. Venes) 07:45


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Domased Electronica – The Magic Of Candles (Original Mix) included in The Beginning Of A Journey – Vol. 2


Release Date: 2014-12-15
Label: Royal Comps
Catalog #: PMR2RCMP


Promind Recordings returns with style to the magical music field, presenting VA- The Beginning Of A Journey Vol. 2,
the second compilation under its “TBOJ” seal, which is Persian for “Peace”.

Proyal joined an inspirational journey
alongside Oriental for an absolute epic compilation of 80 minutes length. A deluxe CD edition featuring 16 gems
of quality tracks ranging from Ambient, Downtempo to Progressive Chill,House and Trance infused with touches
of Spiritual, Emotional, Ethno and Psychedelic soundscapes.

M.Ali Entezarian , aka Proyal from Iran, having produced 2 full-length albums of healing music and he also compiled the first volume of VA TBOJ. Ambient & Downtempo tracks with a Spiritual, Ethno & Emotional touch by “Mirage Of Deep”, Jasmon,and Progressive sounds from Matteo Monero”, Youngen, Jason Van Wyk, Andy Duguid, and… in one of them. The Vocal and Trance selection presents transcending creations by Progresia, Solarstone, Driftmoon And Andy Blueman &….. The Beginning Of a Journey Volume 2 Compilation has been sealed with Healing Love. Certainly a “must have” for Magical & gnostic sessions, light working, subtle dance and for all downbeat music lovers looking for ancient, spiritual and transcending psychedelic soundscapes.
The album unfurls like a wondrous tapestry of organic instrumentation and easy-going funk perfect for mysterious recovering from the intensity of an evening with the Unknown Mysterious. Please close your eyes and join with us.

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