Ilya Deep & Jacco@Work – My Little Girl [LuPS Records] – Review

LuPSRec161 RIt is time for the first collab track between Ilya Deep and Jacco@Work. You can easliy hear who produced what in this track. Ilya took care of the atmospheric melodylines and Jacco took care for the beats and bassline and additonal fx’s. All together this leads to a unique blend of styles. Their team up turned out into a moody, melancholic but yet atmospheric prog house track with Tech House beats and crispy percussion.

The first remix comes from Fake Truth. His remix is not so average. It takes off with an eerie synthline and a lazy broken beat structure filled up with a deep slappy bassstab and swirlling bubbling sound fx’s. As the track moves forward the beats are turning into a more  4 to the floor structure to turn back again halfway the track into a breakbeatstructure during the breakdown of the track. At the end things are becoming more Tech Prog with a pounding dark groove. As said not an average track but surely a great chill out tune which adds some magic to the dancefloor as the end of the track brings back the full energy.

The second remix comes from Fiddler. He is rapidly making name and fame in the today scene with his more old school bassed prog house sound. This remix is no exception to that style. It kicks of with a bombastic groove with a wide soundscape filled up with some steady percussionlines. On top he placed the arpped synthlines and moody melodylines of the original to create an orchestral sound. This is a great after hour chill out track.

The last remix comes from Domased Electronica. After his very well received The Magic Of Candles release he now brings a huge remix of My Little Girl. It is admireable how Ladislav is capeable to keep up with the pace of delivering quality tunes. From the first note till the end his remix is breathing. A superb groove with a dark organstab as earcatcher combined with a bold deep warmbassline lies underneath a magical musical carpet of melodylines and ambient sounds. This remix goes deep and explores each corner of your human being. Surely when the very well found sample of a laughing young girl hits your speakers and Ladislav introduces a soulpiercing new fluteline which causes the goosebumps all over your body. This is true prog from the heart and a timeless masterpiece. Save the best for last so to speak!!!

Release date: May 15th, 2013

Source: LuPS Records

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