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In just one year Mistiquemusic has established itself as the most consistent melodic Progressive House label out there. Ganga is the third single of Domased Electronica released by the label and considering the quality of the previous works of the Slowakian producer it is with a certain trepidation that we take a look at it.

Domased Electronica

Ladislav Zajic is the 35 years old guy from Slovakia that hides behind the Domased Electronica artist name. His interest for electronic music grew in the mid nineties and thanks to radio broadcasts his appreciation for Trance music evolved in a serious interest for music production. His first appearance on a release dates back to 2004 when his track “Ghosts” featured on a local compilation. Only six years later he has established himself as one of the most talented and consistent Progressive House/Trance producers out there. He even hosts two monthly radio shows, Full Moon on InsomniaFM (every 4th Saturday) and Resurrection on Pure.FM (every 4th Thursday).

Domased Electronica – Ganga (Mistiquemusic)

1. Original Mix
2. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix
3. Kay-D Remix
4. LoQuai Remix
5. Deeper Moments & Robert K Remix
6. Stone Mason Remix

Ganga is the third single release for Domased Electronica on Mistiquemusic and follows Mermaid and Ararat. As we are getting used Mistiquemusic delivers another impressive selection of remixes to complete the package.

We have to admit we are simply in love with the “voice” sample on which this track is based. For the best version it is a really close call between the Original Mix and the Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix. If you are looking for a more ethereal and dreamy version the former is your pick, while the M&L and SV Remix is definitely more geared towards the Trance side of Progressive thanks to the driving bassline and a more melodic arrangement.

We expected something more from the remixes by Kay-D and LoQuai, but this does not mean that they are not worthy of being checked out, it is just that both artists have done better remixes in the past. The Deeper Moments & Robert K Remix has a darker tone with oriental ethnic atmospheric sounds, a version that needed some time before being fully appreciated.

Trance releases with such a selection of quality mixes are pretty much non-existent nowadays, so it is really impressive that this is the rule rather than the exception at Mistiquemusic. Ganga is another quality release to add to the already long list delivered by Mistiquemusic and we can promise it will not be the last.

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