Favourite labels: FeralCODE Records

Feralcodelogo RFeralCODE Records is a digital only underground progressive house label releasing dj friendly club singles and compilations of young, talented artists, in many cases debut releases. Their main mission is to showcase new or less known artists to the scene, FeralCode Records is the home of the new generation.

Their releases are high quality mastered tracks, following the major trends in the dance scene, played by top class djs in important clubs, fm and internet radio stations and mixes. Their aim is to create steady releases, to date there are 46 singles and compilations, which you can find on the virtual shelves of Amazon, Audiojelly, Beatport, Beatsdigital, DjDownload, eMusic, iTunes, Juno, Napster, ResonantVibes, Rhapsody, Trackitdown, Wasabeat, but you can also check them in our Releases page.

FeralCode Records is not just a label, but has an active role in the underground scene with occasional remix and dj contests. You can hear them time to time on friskyRadio, Proton Radio and other online radio stations as guest mixers.

“Free your mind and let it progress… with Feralcode Records”

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