Domased Electronica remixed Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children

MIST019 RThe second batch of remixes of Invisible Children from label heads Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic is ready. Fretwell (Morphosis / Baroque) from the UK opens this package with solid percussion elements and deep pad layers and effects. Rather lovely melodies emerge in the break, and they follow the original elements very well.

The energy builds as the beat is added once again, and the rhythm is enhanced by different additions such as small pluck stabs. Other well-known names in the progressive breaks genre are Hungarian Retroid (Morphosis / Moist) and British Duane Barry (Polytechnic / Digital Sensation UK) who deliver the second remix.

A cool percussion line introduces this track as well as an energetic break beat, and a hypnotizing and dominating lead appears after the break that helps to maintain the groove at a high level. The remix from Slovakian Domased Electronica (Mistique) begins with very cool vocal chops, and a unique, rolling bassline follows shortly after. The overall rhythm in this track is enhanced greatly by the delayed stab synths and the aforementioned bassline.

The break introduces new vocal elements and a great lead as well. From Hungary comes Dynamic Illusion (Armada / Silk) who gives us the fourth remix in this package. An extremely deep bassline and various sound effects are the first things we hear, and rather enjoyable stab melodies and percussion lines follow soon. An unexpected, yet sweet female vocal emerges as well, and other very interesting synths are also added in the latter half of the track. A techy beat is soon established in the remix from Hungarian Human8 (Tilth / Ready Mix), and suitable melody patterns are added on top as well.

After a few cool tweaks and glitches the break appears which offers a rather unique and soft melody on top of a bunch of pads and other elements. Bobby Deep (Acuna Boyz / Deepsessions) from Greece is up next, and techy background stabs on top of a minimal beat soon become the main elements. Light bell melodies appear near the break, and they play well with the deep string line underneath. The seventh remix comes from Silence ‘O’ Phobia (Deepsessions / Underground Lessons) from Hungary. A killer off-beat bassline introduces this track, and it develops into a more rolling bassline after a few minutes. Other dark elements are added as well, for instance cool breath-stabs and tweaked drum effects.

Directly following their release “No More Sadness” here on Mistique Music, Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E (Deepsessions / Outta Limits) from Macedonia delivers the next remix of Invisible Children. It includes a driving beat and rhythmic synths on top, and the break is very interesting as well; sweet vocal samples as well as a well-written break beat create a good atmosphere, and the theme synth takes over after the break. Chris Drifter (SoundTribe / Nemesis) from Hungary gives us the ninth remix, and it starts out with some quite techy elements, such as dark, quick stabs and a beat with aggressive percussion lines.

The bassline is rather rolling and varying, and as another good variation there’s a cool vocal sample that appears once in a while. Hungarian Faces (SoundTribe / Outta Limits) closes this package, and sweeping pads and arpeggiated synth lines create a rather funky atmosphere. Many different synths appear as the track progresses, and the listener is always entertained throughout this track. The bassline also helps to keep the funky grooves intact.

Tracks on this release:

01. Invisible Children (Fretwell remix)
02. Invisible Children (Retroid and Duane Barry remix)
03. Invisible Children (Domased Electronica remix)
04. Invisible Children (Dynamic Illusion remix)
05. Invisible Children (Human8 remix)
06. Invisible Children (Bobby Deep remix)
07. Invisible Children (Silence ‘O’ Phobia remix)
08. Invisible Children (Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E remix)
09. Invisible Children (Chris Drifter remix)
10. Invisible Children (Faces remix)

Review by “Gorm Sorensen / Airillusions”
Cover Design by “Shannon Riches / Approaching Black”

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