Domased Electronica feat. VeNeS – Dark & Light (Original Mix) released on Enhanced Music

PassionVol2 RReleased on Double CD and Digital Download on the 14th November.

After the huge success of the first Passion album mixed by Lange & Genix we are pleased to bring you the second edition from the UK Superclub.

This time, one of the true legends of not only the UK, but world trance scene John ’00’ Fleming and one of its fastest rising stars and Passion resident Bryan Kearney to take the controls of Volume Two.

John 00 Fleming is one of few artists that have maintained underground respect whilst enjoying commercial success during a career spanning almost a quarter of a century. John has sold 10 million records, with singles on over 100 mix compilations and has remixed a cross section of elite artists whilst DJing across a global playing field.

His mix is typical of his sound, as he seamlessly blends together trance, progressive, psy-trance and even breaks, to truly create a unique atmosphere as he builds his set from start to finish. Incorporating some of his own releases, as well as stand out tracks and remixes from Airwave, E-Clip, The Digital Blonde, Burn In Noise, Moshic and many others, this is yet again a true master class from John ’00’ Fleming.

Over the past couple of years, Irishman Bryan Kearney has firmly established himself on the world scene. The talented technician’s cutting edge sets contain the very best in upfront club driven music with the emphasis always on energy and the unexpected. A DJ that likes to take risks, do things differently, and loves to surprise clubbers will no doubt have them enthralled with his mix, cramming in a massive 23 tracks to leave the listener constantly engaged with his electric mix of trance and techno.

Disc One: John ’00’ Fleming

1. Moshic – Peace Can Be Maintain (Original Mix)
2. Relaunch – Eternal Light (Original Mix)
3. Domased Electronica feat. Venes – Dark & Light (Original mix)
4. John ’00’ Fleming featuring Sascha Cooper – Fight The Darkness (Subtara Progressive Remix)
5. Airwave – Hello World (Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic Remix)
6. Ivan Nikusev – Aurora (Airwave Breaks Remix)
7. Spektre – Harpoon (Alex Di Stefano remix)
8. DuoTekk – Zlow (Original Mix)
9. Cosmithex – Alchemy (Original Mix)
10. The Digital Blonde – Rain Song (Original Mix)
11. John ’00’ Fleming – Finding Ganesha (Original Mix)
12. E-Clip – Existence (Original Mix)
13. Burn In Noise – Vuuv Festival Celebration (Original Mix)

Disc Two: Bryan Kearney

1. Bryan Kearney – Our Deepest Fear (Intro)
2. Pe & Ban – Remake Yourself (Original Mix)
3. Lee Haslam – Crash, Bang, Wallop (Reaky Remix)
4. Gary Maguire – Puns (Original Mix)
5. David Moleon – Monotension (Original Mix)
6. David Moleon – Ovalo (Original Mix)
7. David Moleon – Tinitu (Original Mix)
8. Mark Leanings – Dropshot (Bryan Kearney Remix / JOC Playma Edit)
9. Andrew Candid & John Dopping – Savannah (Indecent Noise Remix)
10. Peter Plaznik – The Werewolf (Original Mix)
11. Jamie Walker – Mind Games (Original Mix)
12. Bryan Kearney presents KARNEY – Ridiculous (Mark Young & Damo Kay Remix)
13. John O’Callaghan – Raw Deal (Original Mix)
14. John Dopping – Cognition (Bryan Kearney’s Heads Down Remix)
15. Man With No Name – Teleport (Nick Sentience Remix)
16. Bryan Kearney & Jamie Walker – We’ll Never Die (Original Mix)
17. Mark Leanings – Guiding Light (Original Mix)
18. Daniel Kandi pres. 147 – Insert Generic Title (Original Mix)
19. John O’Callaghan – Psychic Sensor (Original Mix)
20. Ronny K – Unstoppable (5YAMC Anthem)
21. TrancEye – Uriel (Original Mix)
22. Defcon Audio feat. Julie Harrington – Lost In You (Jamie Walker Remix)
23. Monada – Sunny Day (Original Mix)


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