Tabriz & Zuckermann – Mars One EP – Review

Tabriz & Zuckermann formation consists of two, hard working DJ’s, both hailing from Oryol City, Russia. Sparked by a mutual desire to share the most current and innovative tracks, Tabriz and Zuckerman united at the end of 2007 under the project name Deepsens. This dynamic pair brings decades of experience to the table: as promoters, they have organized events ranging from private dance parties to huge electronic music festival, and they won’t fail at producing also. Their new intergalactical journey called ‘Mars One‘ is a trippy prog hymn, with dynamic upbeat, which fits perfectly under the flag of Suffused Music. You’ll get remixes on the main theme by Domased Electronica, Dynamic Illusion, Rick Tedesco and Youngen.

Original Mix is 8 minute of pure floating, strings come and go, creating a special, endless atmosphere.

Domased Electronica carefully added more drawing to the original, a powerful baseline drifting under the complex string structure. It just sound so uplifting!

Dynamic Illusion‘s version is a bit faster than the original, but the main flow remains the same, with more dancefloor oriented approach. This one is a flashback to the progressive scene’s first determinative florescence.

Rick Tedesco brought a prog break milieu, which means a breath of fresh air, mixing the recognizable elements from the original tune.

Youngen‘s taste on the title track comes through crystal clear, Mladen’s intelligent sound based on the melodic parts, the used textures becoming a monster, traveller piece!

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Chriss V – Black Amber EP [Elliptical Sun Recordings] – Review

The super talented producer, based in Tirana, Albania, Chriss V brings on a superb deep and driving production on Elliptical Sun Recordings called ”Black Amber”. With deep structures, pounding kick drums and great melodic hooks he’s built a progressive gem right up our alley.

On remixes you are to face a solid selection of core artists to the label. Be ready for massive treats from Domased Electronica, F-Act and Thorin who all bring on their respective sound design and cool ways of express their musical knowledge. A superb ESR release is in your hands!

Release date: November 8th, 2013

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Drunk Dragons – 17th Bus Traffic EP [Suffused Music] – Review

Drunk Dragons aka Kostas Rulinskas makes his shiny debut on Suffused Music, which is already the 10th release of the label. Kostas has a diverse taste in music, from chill out to progressive house he collects & builds the finest elements to his productions, shake it together as one in a stylish way. With his track called 17th Bus Traffic he step into the world of slow evolving, melodic progressive house. The variations on the main theme comes from Advent’s Rising, Domased Electronica and LoQuai.

The original track operates with a dreamy string layer, spiced with a cool piano line, which add the melancholic character of the production.

Advent’s Rising stripped back the original, dropped a massive foundation under his revision with simple, but effective drum programing and a memorable, plump groove, sharpen the energy blast in the breakdown with the melody tatters.

Domased Electronica created an euphoric suit to the title track using a complex soundscape, combined the 4/4 rhythm with breakbeats.

LoQuai preferred to build a breaks version from the recognizable elements of the original track. He put a sinister feel into it, with a fat sub, make it so impressive.

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Deng & Slavak – Dreamland EP [Mistique Music] – Review

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music returns for this week for a new single from Deng & Slavak. Denis Gusev & Slava Budyukin make up the Russian duo and this is their 3rd appearance on Mistique. Their last single Legend Of Ararat was one of our favourite Mistique releases this year and their new one entitled Dreamland promises to be just as good.

Deng & Slavak are two of the best at crafting those gorgeous ethnic sounding productions with a lot of soul. The wailing vocal samples and haunting musicality blends in perfectly with their intricate progressive groove. Dreamland carries all these great traits and it’s one of those perfect tracks for the morning of a psychedelic festival. We like it even more than Legend Of Ararat and you probably will too. The duo have also provided a second Drive interpretation which is touch more melodic and perhaps more psychedelic. It is absolutely beautiful and in our opinion even better than the original, great work from Deng & Slavak.

The first remix is provided by Domased Electronica who has been one of this year brightest stars in progressive house. The Slovakian producer returned to the scene after a bit of break and has been delivering some of the strongest tracks of the year for Mistique, LuPS and Elliptical Sun. For his Dreamland interpretation Domased Electronica has crafted a percussive peak time rocker. He is marvellously reworked the vocal wails and incorporated the soulful instrumentation in such a way that it is still going to be perfect for the dance floor. Expect a huge moment following the break when the stripped down groove drops back in along with the full vocal complement. Another massive production from Domased Electronica.

The final remix on package comes from Stanisha who we have been raving about for years now. Easily one of the most creative producers in the underground who is still lately unrecognized for his talents. Stanisha’s Wake You Up interpretation of Dreamland closes the release out on a strong note. The vocal has been processed into a morphing gate that is incredibly cool and the swirling spacey synths that lead into the main breakdown are sensational. The tough beats comeback in strong after the drop and a drive towards a short broken beat section where the melodic content of the record expands dramatically. The final third of the track is likely one Stanisha’s most gorgeous constructions to date. The vocal wails become incredibly emotional layered over a bed of newly introduced electronics which sound out of this world. An all round amazing package from Mistique that is not to be missed.

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