Full Moon 002 on InsomniaFM download

Domased Electronica – Full Moon 002 [November 28 2009] on InsomniaFM download here.


01. M&D Substance – Train To Nowhere – Echofusions (Deep Tunnel Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings]
02. Kay-D – Floating Islands [Mistiquemusic]
03. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Twilight (Quintax  remix) [promo]
04. Kay-D – Around The Mars [Mistiquemusic]
05. The Stain – The Last Stand (Michael & Levan Feat. Stiven Rivic Remix) [promo]
06. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Cyacya (Original Mix) [promo]
07. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children (Basil Oglue Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
08. Faces – Disc Over (Responz Dub) [promo]
09. M&D Substance – Mist Of Darkness (Mfai Remix) [Deepsessions Recordings]

Full Moon 002

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Resurrection 010 on Pure.FM download

Domased Electronica – Resurrection 010 [November 26 2009] on Pure.FM download here.
Aeron Aether – Resurrection 010 Guest Mix [November 26 2009] on Pure.FM download here.

Domased Electronica – Resurrection 010 tracklist:

01. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Tribute To Ali [promo]
02. Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E – No More Sadness (Bobby Deep Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
03. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Twilight (Original Mix) [promo]
04. Kay-D – Ascension [Mistiquemusic]
05. Faces – Disc Over(ZB Remix) [promo]
06. Kay-D – Around The Mars [Mistiquemusic]
07. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Cyacya (Original Mix) [promo]
08. Faces – Disc Over(Responz Dub) [promo]
09. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Invisible Children (Basil Oglue Remix) [Mistiquemusic] 

Aeron Aether – Resurrection 010 Guest Mix tracklist:

01. Aeron Aether – Aikhy (Original mix)
02. Marsbeing – From Earth to Paradise (Original Mix)
03. Alucard – Detachment
04. Chris Drifter – Andrea (Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic remix)
05. Luke Porter – Passive Aggressive
06. Kobana – Coming Soon
07. Elfsong & Aeron Aether – Kaivalya (Fretwell Remix)
08. Happy Paul – Moonlight (Original Mix)
09. Daniel Mahuad – Cerro de La Silla (Original Mix)

Resurrection 010

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Domased Electronica remixed Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E – No More Sadness

MIST015Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E from Macedonia has released a couple of tracks together on labels such as Outta Limits and Deepsessions, and now they’re here on Mistique Music with their track called “No More Sadness”.
This package includes 4 remixes from Domased Electronica, Eyecorp, Bobby Deep, and Ali Inzel.

An enjoyable, deep atmosphere is quickly put in effect which is dominated by the many pad layers and delayed synth riffs. The percussion is kept on a minimum yet it creates a memorable pattern that plays well with the rest of the elements in this track.

Domased Electronica from Slovakia delivers the first remix. Its deep, rolling bassline along with the various riffs here and there create a very progressive and enjoyable mood, and because of the progression of the beat this track is extremely energetic as well.

The remix from the duo Eyecorp from Mexico includes a bassline with rough edges and a rather firm beat, and a sidechained pad is used throughout the entity of the track. Cool arpeggiator melodies also help to create a very interesting atmosphere.

Next remix comes from Bobby Deep from Greece. Starts out with a deep intro followed by small panned guitar riffs. After a few minutes the track is dominated by a very fine deep atmosphere that includes a great deal of various synths, and the break is a blissful journey with many pad layers.

Turkish Ali Inzel delivers the last remix in this package. The bassline and beat create a quite heavy rhythm which is maintained throughout the whole track. A break beat appears in the break as well as fine pad layers that continue after the break.

Tracks on this release:

01. No More Sadness (Original mix)
02. No More Sadness (Domased Electronica remix)
03. No More Sadness (Eyecorp remix)
04. No More Sadness (Bobby Deep remix)
05. No More Sadness (Ali Inzel remix)

Review by “Gorm Sorensen / Airillusions”
Cover Design by “Shannon Riches / Approaching Black”

Details on Mistiquemusic website. 

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