Resurrection 002 on Pure.FM download

Domased Electronica – Resurrection 002 [March 26 2009] on Pure.FM download here.
Michael & Levan – Resurrection 002 Guest Mix [March 26 2009] on Pure.FM download here.

Domased Electronica – Resurrection 002 tracklist:

01. Tkac & Haverlik – Tyra (Start With This mix) [Baroque Records]
02. Kintar – Don’t Leave Me Alone (Original mix) [Mestiza Records]
03. Pablo Roma – Sad Flowers (Dynamic Illusion Dub mix) [FeralCode Records]
04. Michael & Levan meets Roy Garrou – Secret Wave (Original mix) [Mestiza Records]
05. Alex Rize – Nebula (Michael & Levan remix) [Morphosis Records]
06. Harper & Green – Lifetime (Original mix) [Pure Substance Digital]
07. Cristian Paduraru – Express Yourself (Michael & Levan remix) [Cacique Digital]
08. Rex Mundi – Leaving Paradise (Original Mix) [Electronic Elements]
09. Maindave & Kintar – OKTY (Original mix) [Existence Records]


Michael & Levan – Resurrection 002 Guest Mix tracklist:

01. Soundstorm – Iris (Dynamic Illusion remix) [Silk Digital Records]
02. Python ft Cream Sound – Moon Walking (Yura Popov remix) [promo]
03. Jaksa Pavicevic – Highlands (Tropical Highlight remix) [A Must Have Records]
04. Storyteller – Sound [Toes In The Sand Digital]
05. Loquai – Bogeyman (Original mix) [promo]
06. Namatjira – Here I Go (Joost Van Der Vleuten remix) [No Smoking Recordings]
07. Alex Rize – Beyond The Dome (Elfsong & Aeron Aether remix) [Proton Music]
08. Lokitas – Indiferrence (Aleksey Beloozerov remix) [Pitch Music]
09. Arthur Deep – Burning Memories (Original mix) [Silk Digital Records]
10. Dj Shinobi – Taurus (Michael & Levan remix) [promo]


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Domased Electronica remixed Uriel’s track Fieldox

morph031_rDomased Electronica remixed Uriel’s track Fieldox.

Uriel Yehezkel was born in 1984 and grew up in Jerusalem. He started making music at the age of 15 playing Trance, House, Progressive House, DeepHouse and BreakBeat Music. He later developed his own unique style of Chill Out and Instrumental Electronica.

After completing three years army service in 2006 he returned to music professionally and won a first place scholarship at BPM School of Music. Working on his debut album during 2007, he combined his own talents for composition, keyboards, piano and guitars with guest musicians playing percussion, flutes, violins, Darbuka and vocal textures.


Tracks on this release:

01. Fieldox (Original mix)
02. Fieldox (Domased Electronica remix)
03. Fieldox (Retroid remix)

Details on Morphosis Records website. 

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